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Career Trax uses data from LMI for All, an online data portal that has been developed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. The first pilot version of this was released in May 2013.

LMI for All brings together various robust national sources of labour market information (LMI) in one place, making it easily accessible for developers of apps and websites to bring the data to life. The data portal includes LMI that can answer the common questions people ask when thinking about their careers, such as ‘what do people get paid’, and ‘what type of person does that job?’ allowing people to make comparisons across different jobs. Currently, LMI for All includes data from the Labour Force Survey, the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, the Employer Skills Survey and Working Futures.

At heart, LMI for All is part of the open data agenda. The aim is to support individuals and businesses to make better and more informed decisions about careers and learning options.

Career Trax has been developed to demonstrate the potential of LMI for All, and to encourage use of the data in new and innovative ways. It should be noted that it draws on only part of the data and functionality available from LMI for All and that there is scope to tap into the portal in a whole host of additional ways.

Development of LMI for All is ongoing. Functionality will be improved and further data sets added, and different iterations will be released until the final version is due in March 2015. Feedback from developers and other stakeholders will help to inform this development.

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